Zero Hour

"A transfer student from another Catholic high school, Rose McCraig liked to talk about the sickly saints, the holy anorexics who starved themselves for God."

Published in Joyland


"Pam pulls out her phone and creates new profiles for us, with fresh names. In the description, she writes: Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are ready to play."

Published in Cosmonaut's Avenue


“She looks me over on my third night visit to the infirmary. Her white outfit is still half on. The cigarette in her mouth is an orange hole in her perfect face."

Published in Pithead Chapel

Beating Heart

"She sits in the dark next to her date and watches women die by a mysterious force, a hairy hand, a body in a black spandex suit. Many of the movies are old, from before her time, and timeless."

Published in Ninth Letter (print)

Essays, Interviews & Reviews

Root Cause

"Learn­ing about cassava’s toxic side, I grew to appreciate its dual power—a means of survival for the Taíno people, even if that meant not living."

Published in The Walrus

Trash Intimacies

"How do the things we throw away return to us in different forms? How then does art respond to what is disposable, ignored or forgotten?"

Published in Canadian Art

Call to Witness

"Some nights a police officer follows him silently for twenty minutes, only pulling away once my father makes the cautious signal to turn into the alleyway to his home."

Published in Maisonneuve

Creating in Isolation

"A repeated prayer, a cooking demonstration, a meditation on cake and death, an absurd broadcast from a cow farm, a wordless performance about the boredom of isolation."

Published in Rungh

Community is never neutral: Placemaking in Chinatowns Across Canada

"Chinatowns have persisted not by the grace of tourists or city officials, but through a network of family associations and grassroots organizations operating in hidden spaces..."

Published in C-Magazine

Imperfect Archives: Lilian Leung and Linda Zhang

"For Leung and Zhang, creating intentionally imperfect VRs of Chinatown speaks to their larger project of moving past superficial representations, and framing the built space not for its real-estate value but for its time-worn aesthetics and fading presence.” 

Published in Momus

Creation, Loss and Rediscovery: On Sandi Tan's Shirkers

"Though what remains of the original Shirkers film is soundless, it is still very much alive."

Published in LUMA Quarterly

A Kind of Bliss: Odes to Lithium by Shira Erlichman

"There is something incredibly biting and honest about Erlichman’s portrayal of mental illness, where the pain of her disorder also reveals the beautiful mechanics of the brain."

Published in The Rumpus

In the Pink: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

"As a non-player, Sidi has to put absolute trust in her skills as a builder, working on a guitar for months at a time so it can come alive when someone picks it up and plugs it in."

Published in She Shreds

Proximity and Transmutability of Disaporic Archives: An Interview with Kandis Friesen

"Working with stories of exile in my family, I think of my own work as compositions that I build from their inhabitations of exile."

Published in Public Parking

Uncertain Frontiers: Female Identity and Rural Spaces

"Can the open landscape be something beyond a source of repression and isolation for female characters in film?"

Published in LUMA Quarterly

How to Write About Your Ancestral Village

" tell your cousin, over steamed duck and rice, you are ready to visit the ancestors, any ancestors."

Published in Catapult

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